Audiological Evaluations

Complete hearing testing for ages four to adult provided by a certified clinical audiologist. Evaluations include measures of hearing sensitivity for air and bone conducted sounds, measures of speech discrimination ability and, when necessary, assessment of the middle ear function (impedance audiometry), and special testing to determine the location of dysfunction.

Brainstem Auditory Evoked Potentials

ABR-Diagnostic Auditory brainstem response (ABR) is a diagnostic test which is similar to an elctroencephalogram (EEG). This procedure involves the use of clicking sounds to stimulate the auditory nerve, which produces an electical response. Electrodes placed on the patient’s face and ears pick up the electical activity of the nerve, and a computer displays the results for the audiologist to interpret. Also known as BERA, BAER.

Hearing Aid Sales & Service

The Hearing Care Center offers a wide variety of hearing instruments featuring the latest technology. Our staff emphasizes ongoing cleaning and maintenance after your hearing aid purchase to insure your receive optimum performance and benefit from your hearing aids. Repairs are provided on all makes and models with loaner hearing aids available when necessary.

Newborn testing

Comprehensive technological diagnostic advances permits audiologists to render findings relative to a hearing disorderr in which the inner ear or auditory nerve is not able to produce a synchronous response to incoming sound. The AN/AD( auditory neuropathy/auditory dys-synchrony) disorder can be investigated by ABR audiometry, otoacoustic emissions as one contemporary protocol procedure. If necessary it can be done under sedation. Infants who fail the ABR screening procedure in the nursery are possible candidates for the dual assessment.

Hearing-aid evaluations at no charge
No co-payment for office visits
Advanced technologies available
30-Day evaluation/satisfaction period
Hearing-aid adaptation counseling
2-Year comprehensive warranty including loss and damage
Batteries for the life of your hearing instrument
Cleaning and adjustments of hearing instruments